“I would like to say a huge thank you to Laura for quite literally changing my life with regards to fostering a completely different relationship to food and for facilitating, with such ease, a new way forward, where I was finally back in control. I have lost weight on diets before, however it has always been somewhat painful, punishing even and it only changed my size for a short time, it certainly did not have the profound effect this healthy eating plan has had.

I contacted Laura because my weight was creeping up to the point of no return, I was struggling to get on top of it and felt confused by the conflicting messages regarding what you should or shouldn’t eat, which was compounded by diets I have tried in the past.

Laura’s approach is professional but also very accessible, grounded and easy. You quickly find yourself in a partnership, working together towards the same goal. This keeps you fully involved, leading the change but with support and the positive encouragement needed to keep moving forward. After an initial discussion, I received my food plan. I was over the moon to see some of my favourite things on there, eggs, BUTTER, thai curry, spag bol, CHEESE!! It was a sensible food plan but without being a bore.

Laura and I had also discussed habits and mindful eating, these things I was able to put in place quickly too, alongside the exercise, that was not excessive or unachievable.

After 3 months, I had lost over a stone and a half. That was great and after a month of going it alone, I am still at the same weight. The principles of the food plan were so easy to incorporate in to my life with no food plan and the recipes so delicious that I choose to eat them regardless.

However what changed completely for me was cravings. I stopped craving sugar. This was huge. I just suddenly realised that I hadn’t had any chocolate or sweets in ages and I hadn’t even given it a thought. The food plan was nourishing my body with what it needed to help me kick cravings. I was suddenly back in control of things.

I was also making good choices, thanks to the mindful eating discussions and reading. I was fully conscious of decisions to eat or not to eat something. I had become aware of when I actually wanted something or when I felt I needed it – the danger zone! I was able to explore quite quickly what that need was actually about and make a positive choice about going forward rather than acting on impulse, then feeling bad about it, repeating the negative cycle I was previously in.

What is even more profound than that, was how effortless in was. I think Laura is very skilled in supporting you to do some very complex work, changing thought patterns and food habits, it’s not easy (especially if you have a turbulent history with food, like I have) but making it feel somehow ordinary, no extra effort required, all achievable and within your grasp. Plus, it works, it works on every level”.

Katy Dickson