Thank you so much for all your help over the last year, for want of a better phrase it’s been a real “journey” of personal development which was totally unexpected, working with you has taught me so much about nutrition and what foods work for me personally. When we started I was totally lost and confused about nutrition, I had tried all the diets out there and was unable to stick to any of them for more than a few weeks, I now feel so confident / positive about my eating and have an understanding of my cravings/ triggers that I can manage them without giving in to them.


Ben Smith, weight loss client

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Laura for quite literally changing my life with regards to fostering a completely different relationship to food and for facilitating, with such ease, a new way forward, where I was finally back in control. I have lost weight on diets before, however it has always been somewhat painful, punishing even and it only changed my size for a short time, it certainly did not have the profound effect this healthy eating plan has had.

I contacted Laura because my weight was creeping up to the point of no return, I was struggling to get on top of it and felt confused by the conflicting messages regarding what you should or shouldn’t eat, which was compounded by diets I have tried in the past.

Laura’s approach is professional but also very accessible, grounded and easy. You quickly find yourself in a partnership, working together towards the same goal. This keeps you fully involved, leading the change but with support and the positive encouragement needed to keep moving forward. After an initial discussion, I received my food plan. I was over the moon to see some of my favourite things on there, eggs, BUTTER, thai curry, spag bol, CHEESE!! It was a sensible food plan but without being a bore.

Laura and I had also discussed habits and mindful eating, these things I was able to put in place quickly too, alongside the exercise, that was not excessive or unachievable.

After 3 months, I had lost over a stone and a half. That was great and after a month of going it alone, I am still at the same weight. The principles of the food plan were so easy to incorporate in to my life with no food plan and the recipes so delicious that I choose to eat them regardless.

However what changed completely for me was cravings. I stopped craving sugar. This was huge. I just suddenly realised that I hadn’t had any chocolate or sweets in ages and I hadn’t even given it a thought. The food plan was nourishing my body with what it needed to help me kick cravings. I was suddenly back in control of things.

I was also making good choices, thanks to the mindful eating discussions and reading. I was fully conscious of decisions to eat or not to eat something. I had become aware of when I actually wanted something or when I felt I needed it – the danger zone! I was able to explore quite quickly what that need was actually about and make a positive choice about going forward rather than acting on impulse, then feeling bad about it, repeating the negative cycle I was previously in.

What is even more profound than that, was how effortless in was. I think Laura is very skilled in supporting you to do some very complex work, changing thought patterns and food habits, it’s not easy (especially if you have a turbulent history with food, like I have) but making it feel somehow ordinary, no extra effort required, all achievable and within your grasp. Plus, it works, it works on every level”.

Katy Dickson

Laura has been highly personable throughout my consultations and has targeted my specific needs, which has resulted in a significant weight loss.
Laura made the effort to research specific menus and look at food groups that suit my busy lifestyle as a Mum and for someone who likes to train. She’s friendly and really easy to chat to and makes you feel proud of your achievements.
I’ve felt motivated and encouraged continually throughout my weight loss journey!

Michelle, Southampton.

I just wanted to say thank you for everything Laura. 2016 has been a bit of a write-off, but looking back this morning I realised I have made one major, major break through this year at something I’ve been plugging away at for 10 years with no success, I’ve started to lose weight and got my body back! AMAZING! I literally couldn’t have done it with out Laura as I’ve been trying for 10 years! So thank you again! You helped me salvage something wonderful out of 2016 🙂

Janice Fisher, yoga teacher, London.

“Laura joined Alba’s Post as the first editor and solely created the whole content track for the first 6 months. We didn’t have a clear strategy for the content track at the time.
Laura very quickly gained the general knowledge of the psoriasis and nutrition space needed and with minimal guidance she created a great content format that we are still using today.
Laura is extremely self driven and great at hitting the ground running.
I wouldn’t hesitate bringing Laura on for another project and I can highly recommend her for content creation and editing.”
Morten Krarup, Product Owner of Albas Post 

Morten Krarup, Leo Innovation Lab

FFF“Laura worked remotely with our online clients providing them with dietary support to support their goals. She successfully helped many lose weight, increase muscle and improve their sporting performance through creation of tailored nutrition plans and strategies along with providing them with excellent support to keep them on track.

Through her time working with Food For Fitness, not only did Laura display first-rate interpersonal skills but she demonstrated a keen interest in personal development and her study of the IOC Sports Nutrition diploma highlights her wiliness to learn and improve personal practice.”

Scott Baptie, Director, Food For Fitness

Scott Baptie, Director Food For Fitness

“Having been overweight and on and off diets for the last twelve years, I made the decision a few months ago to contact Laura about making permanent changes to my eating habits and my attitude towards food.

I can honestly say this was a superb decision.  Laura is a very dependable person to work with.  She is both supportive and encouraging and, most importantly, she has helped to both educate me about nutrition and normalise my weight loss journey.

Through the meal plan Laura devised for me, I find that I no longer struggle as much with cravings, energy slumps or emotional eating and am steadily on my way to reaching a healthy weight that I am confident I will be able to maintain”

Weight loss client – October 2015

“Since working with Laura, I have lost 30lbs which, aside from a massive confidence boost, has really improved my energy levels and my overall health and wellbeing. I used to dread getting on the scales, but now my weekly weigh in is like Christmas. I’m never hungry and I still get to eat foods I enjoy without feeling deprived or guilty. I have an entirely different attitude towards food now, and with Laura’s practical suggestions and guidance I feel really confident about the future and getting where I want to be with my weight.”

Fiona – weight loss client

“After years of make-shift and fad diets I really think I have found a diet which is completely tailored for me that will stick.
I have been working with Laura for nearly 6 months and not only have I got steady results (weight and inch loss) but I am slowly shrugging off bad habits and changing my attitude towards food.
Laura takes a scientific and pragmatic approach to weight loss and has clearly seen it all before which makes her such a great source of handy tips. Her bespoke diet plan was key to getting me on the right track and the mixture of weekly updates and monthly follow ups really keep the focus going. Thank you! “

Weight loss client – London

“Laura introduced me to the FODMAPS programme to manage my IBS which has helped my symptoms 100%!!! I now know what food groups can trigger my symptoms whereas before I had no idea that, aside from the usual wheat and dairy culprits, even some vegetables or legumes can cause problems”.

Low FODMAP diet client – London