Sleep more, weigh less

We all know that a lack of sleep can make us snappy - but what if it's also playing havoc with our waistlines?  Studies show a lack of sleep increases the risk of being overweight or obese.  Reducing sleep time also promotes weight gain... but why? 1. You eat more when you're tired Feeling ravenous after a bad night’s sleep isn’t your imagination. … Continue reading Sleep more, weigh less

What’s the word on intermittent fasting?

Last week I attended a symposium on popular diets including intermittent fasting and high protein-low carb.I thought I'd summarise the evidence because anyone trying to lose weight (or help others lose weight) can benefit from the information.Although the diets have been criticised, the truth is that there is some credible research behind them. Neverthless this … Continue reading What’s the word on intermittent fasting?