One of the things that's been getting my goat recently is the claims around cold press juices. You've probably heard the buzz (they're more nutritious, better for you, cleansing, detoxing....etc) But is any of it true? 🥕First things first... cold pressing means that the juice is extracted using by pressing fruit and vegetables under extreme … Continue reading *COLD PRESS IS BEST- OR IS IT?! *

Simple Salmon with Green Vegetable Broth

This recipe emerged when I arrived home hungry and opened the fridge to find a salmon fillet and a drawer full of green vegetables! It's fast (10 minutes), it's fresh and you'll score 3 serves of veggies. Simple double up the quantities to serve 2. This is a low carb dish, so if you're coming back from the gym or a … Continue reading Simple Salmon with Green Vegetable Broth

Gluten free quinoa tabbouleh

Summer is here (well, almost) which means salads are back. Hurray!  Tabbouleh is a middle eastern dish traditionally made with bulgar wheat, but this version uses quinoa, a protein rich gluten free alternative to wheat based grains. The result? A fresh, healthy salad packed with flavour which is great for lunch or a light evening meal. … Continue reading Gluten free quinoa tabbouleh