Can a daily teaspoon of turmeric help prevent cancer?

For thousands of years turmeric has been used in Indian and Ayurvedic medicine to treat cuts, sprains and swelling.  Around the 1940’s, scientists worked out that the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits were down to curcumin – the pigment in turmeric responsible for it’s bright golden hue. So far so good. Turmeric or curcumin? The problem however, is harnessing … Continue reading Can a daily teaspoon of turmeric help prevent cancer?

Are you eating too much meat?

The headlines following the release of the World Health Organisation's latest advice on meat and cancer this week made for pretty scary reading. Even if you're not a bacon sandwich fan, you've probably been left wondering if you're eating too much meat.  This post will hopefully make things clearer. What the report actually says The new report comes from … Continue reading Are you eating too much meat?

Add a daily dose of tomatoes to your diet

Last week UK researchers published a new study showing that a tomato rich diet can protect against prostate cancer, with 10 portions a week linked to an 18% lower risk. 10 servings sounds a lot, but it's not much more than one a day. Why tomatoes?  The benefits are down to lycopene, the pigment which gives tomatoes their colour. Lycopene is a potent antioxidant which … Continue reading Add a daily dose of tomatoes to your diet

Add greens to your smoothie

Vegetables are good. Period. However, it’s the green leafy sort that appear to be particularly beneficial. In one 2010 study, researchers from Leicester University concluded that ~100 grams a day could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 14 per cent. Leafy greens have also been associated with protection against various cancers … Continue reading Add greens to your smoothie

What’s the word on intermittent fasting?

Last week I attended a symposium on popular diets including intermittent fasting and high protein-low carb.I thought I'd summarise the evidence because anyone trying to lose weight (or help others lose weight) can benefit from the information.Although the diets have been criticised, the truth is that there is some credible research behind them. Neverthless this … Continue reading What’s the word on intermittent fasting?