“Breakfast makes you slim!” Or does it?

One of the most cited reasons for eating breakfast is that it kick starts your metabolism…. well guys, I’m sorry to say it doesn’t. A couple of big studies in the last couple of years led by Bath Uni (called the Bath Breakfast Project) found that there was no change in metabolic rate between when people ate … Continue reading “Breakfast makes you slim!” Or does it?

Sunday night smoothie bags

Smoothies are great as a speedy breakfast or post workout snack - you can sneak in a couple of portions of fruit, a handful of veg, some heathy fats and an antioxidant rich spice like turmeric or cinnamon. Despite being easy to throw in the blender, some mornings you don't have time to chop fruit or find the … Continue reading Sunday night smoothie bags

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Hash

Sometimes things with few ingredients work just right, and this is one of them.  The dish is inspired by one of my dear friends in Paris, who made a similar dish for a lazy brunch one weekend. In this version I've added black beans and omitted the squash - although a mix of sweet potato and squash also … Continue reading Sweet Potato and Black Bean Hash

Avocado energiser smoothie

Mornings have been made faster thanks to the arrival of the NutriBullet and I admit, I'm addicted to trying out new smoothie combinations. This week I'm experimenting with plant based proteins - hello avocado energiser! This smoothie has a super creamy texture from the avocado - yes it's higher in fat but the combination of fats, protein and … Continue reading Avocado energiser smoothie

Choco-berry power smoothie

This smoothie is a great speedy breakfast or filling snack. It's rich in protein (which helps you stay fuller longer), plus it packs 3 servings of antioxidant rich fruit and veggies. Prunes might not be your usual smoothie partner, but they provide a burst of natural energy, plus they're a secret bone builder - in one study from Florida … Continue reading Choco-berry power smoothie

Banana Almond Spinach Smoothie

Smoothies are great breakfasts when you're short of time, or like me this morning, when you realise you've run out of oats and bread, but what do you have is fruit and yoghurt. Adding a couple of handfuls of greens to a fruit smoothie is a handy way to boost your vegetable intake - you  won’t notice any change in … Continue reading Banana Almond Spinach Smoothie

How to beat junk food cravings

It's tempting to believe your craving for a giant chocolate bar is your body telling you that you're short in something or other, but studies show food cravings are more likely to be psychological than anything else. So what's going on? We know certain foods (like chocolate and sweets) activate areas of the brain linked with reward - so … Continue reading How to beat junk food cravings

Four nut and seed muesli

Breakfast cereals are often high in added sugars - but that doesn't mean you have to stop eating cereal if that's what you like. A better option is to make your own. As you control what goes in you can make it gluten free, sugar free, full of seeds, adding your favourite fruits - the choice is yours. This … Continue reading Four nut and seed muesli

Mexican scrambled eggs

I love Mexico. The music, the people, the colours, the sounds, and the food. Did I mention the food? From mouthwatering mole to sauce dribbling down your fingers tlayudas, tacos and tamales, the food in Mexico is a love affair all of its own. During a 6 month journey across the country I was lucky to sample many a breakfast … Continue reading Mexican scrambled eggs

Time-saving nutrition tips

If your healthy eating plans always get ditched because you've no time, this post is for you. In a culture where 40% of us are too busy to have breakfast, I'm passionate about putting more emphasis on food preparation and the joy of eating. That said, a few kitchen short cuts never hurt anyone and if it encourages you … Continue reading Time-saving nutrition tips