Four nut and seed muesli

Breakfast cereals are often high in added sugars - but that doesn't mean you have to stop eating cereal if that's what you like. A better option is to make your own. As you control what goes in you can make it gluten free, sugar free, full of seeds, adding your favourite fruits - the choice is yours. This … Continue reading Four nut and seed muesli

Time-saving nutrition tips

If your healthy eating plans always get ditched because you've no time, this post is for you. In a culture where 40% of us are too busy to have breakfast, I'm passionate about putting more emphasis on food preparation and the joy of eating. That said, a few kitchen short cuts never hurt anyone and if it encourages you … Continue reading Time-saving nutrition tips

Overnight Protein Oats

I feel a bit guilty calling this a recipe, because it's nothing more than a handful of ingredients stirred together and left overnight. Still, it's one of my favourite post-cycle breakfasts, and as taste goes, it's delicious. It also packs a punch with a good 30  grams of protein - great for muscle repair and knocking hunger on the head. Studies show … Continue reading Overnight Protein Oats

Why swapping cereal for eggs might stop you snacking

If your breakfast of choice is cereal, here's why you might want to upgrade to eggs... To breakfast, or not to breakfast? There's always a lot of debate about breakfast. Some studies have shown a link between skipping breakfast and an increased risk of being overweight; other studies have found no effect of eating breakfast on weight loss. Despite what you may have … Continue reading Why swapping cereal for eggs might stop you snacking