Avocado energiser smoothie

Mornings have been made faster thanks to the arrival of the NutriBullet and I admit, I'm addicted to trying out new smoothie combinations. This week I'm experimenting with plant based proteins - hello avocado energiser! This smoothie has a super creamy texture from the avocado - yes it's higher in fat but the combination of fats, protein and … Continue reading Avocado energiser smoothie

Banana Almond Spinach Smoothie

Smoothies are great breakfasts when you're short of time, or like me this morning, when you realise you've run out of oats and bread, but what do you have is fruit and yoghurt. Adding a couple of handfuls of greens to a fruit smoothie is a handy way to boost your vegetable intake - you  won’t notice any change in … Continue reading Banana Almond Spinach Smoothie

PB Banana Overnight Oats

This week I’ve returned to eating overnight oats as I’ve committed to a month of 7:30 AM yoga (gulp) which means a speedy breakfast is needed. While eggs are brilliant when you have the luxury of a little more time, overnight oatmeal is great ‘fast food’. Carried to work or eaten as soon as you roll out of … Continue reading PB Banana Overnight Oats

Add greens to your smoothie

Vegetables are good. Period. However, it’s the green leafy sort that appear to be particularly beneficial. In one 2010 study, researchers from Leicester University concluded that ~100 grams a day could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 14 per cent. Leafy greens have also been associated with protection against various cancers … Continue reading Add greens to your smoothie