#Project66 – The Experience

Project 66 is a 66-day mind-body overhaul that aimed to put a group of willing all-stars back in control of their health and fitness. The brainchild of dietitian Laura Tilt and personal trainer George Pearse, the 66 day programme is a mix of nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and yoga – and is based on research which shows that it takes 66 days to make a health habit stick… find out how the team got on in the clip below…

Low FODMAP recipe app

icon-1024The low FODMAP diet app is designed to help people following the low FODMAP diet – an effective diet for the management of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms.

The app contains over 40 healthy recipes, developed and tested two FODMAP trained dietitians with experience of delivering the diet in both NHS and 1-2-1 private settings.

Recipes packs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks can be bought separately or downloaded as a complete collection. As well as recipes the app contains handy hints and tips to help users adopt the low FODMAP diet more easily.

The app is available both on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.














Albas Post


Alba’s Post is a knowledge base about how different diets, foods and nutrients affect psoriasis for people living with the condition. The project is a digital product by LEO Innovation Lab.

I joined Albas Post as the lead dietitian and writer in November 2015, carrying out research into the links between diet and psoriasis. Since then I have developed a range of articles with  accessible content and practical advice to help people understand how the food they eat affects their skin.