One of the things that’s been getting my goat recently is the claims around cold press juices.

You’ve probably heard the buzz (they’re more nutritious, better for you, cleansing, detoxing….etc) cold_press

But is any of it true?

🥕First things first… cold pressing means that the juice is extracted using by pressing fruit and vegetables under extreme pressure, instead of using blades, which can create heat (traditional juicing methods).

🥕Many producers of cold press claim this means cold press juices are more nutritious, because heat can destroy certain nutrients.

🥕While this sounds good in theory (generally there is a kernel of truth with nutri-nonsense), the fact is, there currently isn’t any evidence to show that cold press juice is more nutritious than a regular fresh juice. There is some evidence that fresh fruit juices have higher levels of some vitamins and minerals than pasteurised juices, but the claims between regular fresh and cold press juices just haven’t been proven.

🥕In fact, lots of the nutrients in fruit and vegetables are found in the skin and fibre – and that’s lost in juicing. For example, 70% of the beneficial compounds in grapes are found in the seeds and skin.

🥕So, what WILL these juices do…?

✅ Help you rehydrate after a workout (as will water)

✅ Provide some vitamins and antioxidants which can help your body to recover from hard exercise (same for fresh fruit and veg).

✅ Count as 1 of your five a day (but no more, no matter how much you drink) .

What they won’t do…

👎 Detox or cleanse your body

👎 Provide any fibre.

👎Alkalise your blood.

👎Give you wings (that’s a joke, but you get the picture)

Bottom line?

Enjoy a juice if you like them, just remember its no miracle cure – and it’s the overall pattern of your diet that counts.