Are you stuck in your comfort zone?

comfortWhether it’s getting fit or losing body fat, if you’re struggling to make progress I’m going to guess you’re stuck in that warm, safe place known as THE COMFORT ZONE.

I can’t argue it’s nice and safe there; but when it comes to getting what you want, that damn old comfort zone will stop you in your tracks.

And it does it ALL the time. And sneakily too.

Maybe you put off joining a Bootcamp / PT session / going for a run because that would mean getting up early (uncomfortable) and training into the cold (uncomfortable) and perhaps feeling unfit or out of breath (uncomfortable) and frankly, that doesn’t feel nice.

So you don’t do it.

Or maybe you had planned to cut down on the booze (uncomfortable) but you’re going out this Friday with friends and they’ll give you a hard time if you’re not drinking (uncomfortable) so you decide to delay it to next week.

Comfort Zone Sabotage happens on a smaller scale too.

It’s not always putting things off… it happens in less obvious ways too. We choose to eat instead of dealing with emotions (stress, sadness), because dealing with those feelings can be uncomfortable.

Or maybe you plan to try to a new yoga/ boxing class but worry you won’t be able to keep up (and anxiety = uncomfortable) so you don’t do it.

Comfort zone sabotage happens in action too. You stop a run half way through because you’re a bit tired and ache (uncomfortable), or you give into a craving for chocolate even though you’re not hungry because it feels uncomfortable and it’s easy to give in.

Sounds familiar?

We all do it.

But – here’s the thing.

What you need to remember about the comfort zone is that it is getting out of it is ALWAYS going to feel uncomfortable. BUT and this is a big BUT

  1. The uncomfortable feeling won’t hurt you – seriously, it won’t.
  2. The uncomfortable-ness is temporary. And then it’s gone. GONE! Just like that. And you just expanded your comfort zone.

The truth is, the ONLY way to get out of your comfort zone is by DOING. Fake it till you make it, feel the fear and do it anyway.

So… if you’re struggling to make progress,  ask yourself…

Where am I choosing to stay in my comfort zone vs. feeling awkward temporarily, and what am I going to do about it?