What are you putting off because of fear?

Today I want to share a story with you about a little BIG thing called FEAR.

This morning I went to Functional Threshold Power (FTP) training at Tribe Ride…. I’d been putting it off for ages dreading that I wouldn’t be fit enough and that I wouldn’t to make it through the session, as the instructors mentioned it was tougher and more serious than their tribe ride.

What happened?

I loved it! Yes I sweated more than I have in any spin class but it felt GOOD.

A similar thing happened yesterday after I booked in for the 7AM Skinnyrebelworkout, outside. In the freezing cold.

Billed as an extreme workout I was going through the standard panic of not being able to keep up or get through the session, and almost cancelled, or at least considered it.

What happened?

It was freezing. It was bloody tough, but it was also GREAT. This was definitely down to an awesome trainer, but it was so much less bad than I had imagined in my head.

The point I want to make is that time and time again over the last few months of training more seriously, I’ve been fearful, thinking I can’t and that I won’t be able to, it’ll be too hard, I’ll…. (you fill in the gap)

I won’t lie. Yes there have been tough sessions. Yes I’ve wanted to lie on the floor a few times when nausea has popped up – but it’s momentary – and then it passes, and the sessions have have never, ever lived up to my fear.

The formula I’ve decided, is this.

You look fear in the face and acknowledge it – give it a wave if you can “Hey! I see you, thanks for looking out for me”.

And then you show up anyway. You do the work (to the best of your ability – that’s all anyone can ask of you) and you kick butt. And then you realise what you were scared of really wasn’t that scary and – you move up a level.

What is on the other side of fear?

Nothing! (and then…. growth!)


Picture credit, Designed by Kues1 at Freepik