How to fight inflammation with food

olive oilAlthough inflammation isn’t always a bad sign (when it’s in response to an infection or injury for example)  experts agree that in the long term, high levels aren’t good.

One of the best ways to fight inflammation is through diet. The three foods below are proven to help your body buffer the inflammatory response, and with three meals (or more!) a day, there’s plenty of opportunity to add them to your diet.

Oily fish The essential fats found in oily fish lower levels of pro-inflammatory hormones triggered by the immune system. Greek researchers from Harokopio University in Athens found that eating more than 300 grams of fish per week (about 2 fillets) was linked with 33 per cent lower levels of inflammatory markers.

Olive oil The main fat in the Mediterranean diet, olive oil contains a compound called oleocanthal, which shares the same anti-inflammatory pathways as ibuprofen. In a 2013 Canadian study, men and women asked to consume olive oil for 12 weeks experienced increases in anti-inflammatory markers. It’s an easy swap to make in the kitchen – choose extra virgin cold pressed olive oil for the highest levels of the beneficial compounds.

Turmeric Spices are good, period, but turmeric stands head and shoulders above the rest. The active ingredients is called curcumin, a compound which lowers levels of two enzymes linked with inflammation. Turmeric supplements have been shown to reduce joint pain in osteoarthritis sufferers in several studies and are considered a safe way to help fight inflammation. Try adding to soups, curries and even smoothies for an anti-inflammatory boost.