Choose a resolution you can stick with

new yearThere’s something about the new year which inspires a feeling of wiping the slate clean and committing to new goals, and January is a great time to bring some healthy new habits into your life.

Rather than jump into anything extreme (I’m talking about resolutions along the lines of  ‘I’m-never-going-to-touch-a-drop-of-xyz-again-so-help-me-god’) why not commit to something which you can really stick with and enjoy?

Extreme diets aren’t fun, aren’t necessary and if you’re committing to something you can’t stick with long term, there will come a time when you revert to your old habits, usually in spectacular style.

In fact, this is why many experts don’t agree with Dry January – rather than a solo month of sobriety followed by reverting to old drinking habits, it’s better for your body (and mind) to learn to moderate your alcohol intake year round.

So forget detox and think balance. Commit to spending more time preparing your meals, try one new recipe each week, turn off the television when you eat, take a cooking course, join an organic vegetable box scheme, get to bed earlier, meditate for 10 minutes a day, try morning pages, get outside each lunchtime or pop some greens in your smoothie.  (For more ideas to bring balance to your health, see my feature on resolutions over at

Whatever you choose, write down your goal and stick it somewhere you can see – then get busy with it. If it’s greens in your smoothie, buy those leaves and pop them in your freezer. Get online and sign up to a vegetable box scheme, download a recipe app or sign up for some headspace, and then enjoy the feeling of change.